Thank you for visiting Ki Belle, I am Kiki. 

I started Ki Belle with the desire to create a better way of self care. I began my journey of holistic spa therapies with the intention of doing my part to heal the world but never imagined a product line until I started selling products. In order to sell products one must do research on the product and understand the effect it has. I didn't agree with my findings. In fact, the more I studied, the less I wanted to sell. So came the decision to make products of my own that were free of the chemicals that I found so disturbing. All natural, plant based products. The ways of ancient royalty, where cosmetics and self care were products harvested from the earth. At first it was something I did for myself, then family and friends. I was urged to make these products available to all. This lead me to becoming certified in aromatherapy, using the essences of the earth to treat ailments of the body and psyche. Not long after that I became  licensed in the field of skin care , a facial specialist, and body wrapping. This has been done with the intention to be able to provide natural products that create positive effects within the structure of the skin and relaxing the body, as well as easing tensions of the mind. I am very excited as I will continue on this quest to create and provide more and more delicious delights for the pleasure of your personal pampering. 

  Take pride in self love and indulge in self care.


Ki Belle Skin Care


Royal Remedies

Since the dawn of time great healers, figures of royalty and even religious leaders have looked to the earth for ingredients. Ingredients for remedies concocted to heal the body, soothe the spirit and of course beautify the bold. There is no denying the luxuries of earth's gifts.


Beautifully Natural

Why work to cover imperfections when you can have beautiful and healthy skin? Naturally. Without harsh chemicals or toxins. The answer is all around you. Nature. Beautiful nature. With all of earth's colors, smells, tastes and more comes a world of vitamins and nutrients for the healing of our minds, bodies and spirits. 


Earth's Gifts

Ki Belle offers products that are  crafted using natural, organic ingredients which are certified Kosher as well as vegan. Healthy skin doesn't have to be a complex struggle if you care for your skin using healthy products. Skin care products containing harsh chemicals may cause skin to have undesirable reactions or even become dependent on the chemicals being used. It is important to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and vitamins to the skin. Natural remedies help to keep skin moisturized while clearing issues such as inflammation, blemishes, signs of aging and more.

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